Artist’s description

Whenever capturing a horse running I always try to
catch the “stride”. In this case it was a wild Mustang
running down from the free range at the end of winter.

Materials used:

Nikon D800
ISO 1100 105mm f8 1/2000s



Daylight Savings Time Special – 15% off purchase price.

This piece comes framed or un-framed, any size you wish.
However, at this time we have two framed pieces offered for sale.

$1200.00 + packing & shipping
2 3/4 inch custom brown wood frame, image inset with white beveled edge matt,
Non-Glare Plexi

Frame/ 28 3/4 inches wide X 23 inches tall
Image/ 19 1/4 inches wide X 13 1/2 inches tall


$1500.00 + packing & shipping
1 3/4 inch custom dark brown wood frame, image floating on white linen
Non-Glare Plexi

Frame/ 31” inches wide X 25 1/2 inches wide
Image/ 19 1/8 inches wide X 13 3/4 inches tall