About me

About Me

My Story

"I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer.
I didn’t choose it, it choose me. I’ve had
a love affair with a camera for more than
half of my life, and what a love affair it has
been. I’m such a lucky person."

-Sandy Kaplan

"Photography is an art.

It’s about finding the extra-ordinary

in ordinary places."

Whenever I am teaching a photographic class I always start with the same words, “There is good news, and there is bad news. The good news is; that it’s not the camera. The bad news is; it’s not the camera”

Photography is about not just looking, it’s about seeing. It’s about seeing not just with your eyes but with your heart, with your soul. It’s about being omni present with whatever is in front of you, whatever you see through your lens. And, most important of all, it’s about having fun……so, go out and make wonderful images, and have fun doing it.

Sandra Kaplan’s work has developed over many years as a professional photographer. Her work reflects light, shade, and color that dazzles excites, provokes, and inspires her students and collectors alike. Her knowledge and love affair with the camera allows her to go where others fear to tread. Her gifts include not only an eye for beauty but also the urge to experiment, creating exquisite images that delight the senses and evoke deep passion within the viewer.

Modestly, she will tell you that it has been a long resplendent journey beginning in Hollywood, California in the late 60’s, and indeed was the first woman allowed into the film industry as a photographer on set.   Continued her work in Paris, France in the 70s covering the major fashion houses and magazines of Europe, gaining a reputation as a “Fashion Photographer”.

Hollywood called again, which led her back to Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., and Paramount Studios, photographing some of the biggest stars, producers, and directors of the era.  Many of her photographs remain the timeless images of Hollywood’s most famous.  She says of her portrait photography, “I never set out to simply take a photo, creating an image has always been, and continues to be my mission”.

In 1996 Kaplan took her journey and expertise to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado seeking freedom to experiment. Her cameras became her paintbrushes and produced results beyond even her expectations. Her shows in Colorado and New York have made her work sought after by collectors.  The natural evolution of a gift such as hers is to share, to teach.   She has taught at The Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico, The Red Brick Center for the Arts, an Associate of Aspen Art Museum, and Colorado Mountain College, at various campuses as well as The Peninsula School of Art in Door County, Wisconsin.  Of teaching she confesses, “It is the most excitement I’ve ever known, watching students come to life, coming to love the camera and the sheer joy of what it can do.”

Client List

Christian Dior
The House of Channel
Yves Saint Laurent
Guy LaRouche’
Chloe/Karl Lagfield
Oscar de la Renta

Rosalyn Russell
Frank Sinatra
Yul Brynner
Natalie Wood
Robert Wagner
Richard Chamberlain
John Huston
Zubin Metha
Kirk Douglas
Johnny Cash
Susan Clark
Alex Carris
Donald Southerland
Timothy Leary
Albert Finney
Yvette Mimieux
Lisa Minnelli
Bing Crosby
Joanna Barnes
Jackie Cooper
Henry Fonda
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bernadette Peters
Bob Mackey (Fashion Designer)
Mohammed Ali
H.R.H Princess Antoinette of Monaco

Conde’ Nast Publications
Glamour Magazine
Vogue Magazine (French edition)
Men’s Vogue Magazine (French edition Depche ‘Mode (French)
Schweitzer Illustrate (Swiss German)
Oggi (Italian)
Gentlemen’s Quarterly
US Magazine
Hi Times
The Advocate
National Geographic Society

Columbia Studio
Warner Bros. Studio
Burbank Studio (N.B.C. Television)
ABC Television
Universal City Studios

Agency Gamma Press
Agency Sipa Pres
Camera 5

Monsanto Textiles
May Company
C & R Clothiers
Max Factor & Company
Weston Construction Company
Northrop Aviation
Air Research Corp
Trade Tec. Company
The Siodmak Company
Jack Schneider Advertising
Chiat Day Advertising
Footcone & Belding Ad. Agency
Renault Auto. Manufacturing
Cinzano, Inc.
Professional Bank of Santa Monica
Kiron Optical
Mather, Kaump & Clark Advertising
Millennium Ad Agency
Carl Byair & Associates
Joseph Sugarman Interior Design
Rogers & Cowen Management
Sheraton Hotels:
Miramar Hotel-Santa Monica, Calif.
Huntington Hotel- Pasadena, Calif.
United States Information Agency
Pioneer Electronics
Principality of Monaco
Sheldon Good & Company
DHM Design